The Grand Exit

We are finally there. Packing is done, and after a bumpy few days leading up to this point its the night before take-off.

Fortunately the enormous mound of items fitted rather well into our two compact 50Litre sacks and we model them rather fetchingly (Im sure pictures in the future will be forthcoming) but for now we will sign off knowing the next update will be from Dubai!

Thank you for all the good wishes!



9 thoughts on “The Grand Exit

  1. Sorry in advance if I get a bit emotional, I’m so proud of you for being brave enough to do this. Have an amazing time both of you and take care of each other
    Love Mum


    1. Hello! Long and tiring journey but we have arrived safe. Was delayed an hour leaving London but meant less time to wait for the connection! Our bags got put in hold but they didnt get lost and are in one piece. Going to get a few hours sleep before we explore in the 40degree heat


  2. Hi chris
    Just to let you know that the post has arrived
    I’m putting the address you wanted for grandma in your radish email so look now
    Love you


  3. Hi Chris. I’ve sent some photos of you and Sarah at the airport to your hotmail. Also to let you know that the mighty Wolves beat a small town team from Bolton? on Saturday, so the bragging rights are all yours………..

    Love dad, Claire and Han


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